portrait Pricing


Pricing is based on the size of the portrait as well as the number of subjects. 

There will be an additional charge for a scenic background. For larger groupings, the price will be set at my discretion, based on number, size, and difficulty.

In-between sizes are also available, with the rate based on the area of the actual artwork. Just ask! I'm happy to customize.

Prices include FedEx residential shipping with insurance. Prices are subject to change. Missouri residents must pay sales tax.

There will be an additional charge for international shipping.

A 30% deposit will be required before work begins on your art. This is not refundable. Your balance will be due before artwork is shipped. 

If you need more time to make payments on your artwork, just let me know - payment plans are available! Take your place in the queue and indicate that you'd like to make your deposit early to begin a payment plan. You'll pay as you're able with a convenient online invoicing system. Finished artwork will be shipped when payment is received in full. Please note that an additional $10 charge will be added to offset the per-payment fee on my end. Thank you!